Industry sector: Manufacturing
Country: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy
Number of employees: 1 400

Aldes operates in the competitive sector of renovation, insulation and ventilation. Its HR strategy focuses on attracting sought-after technical talent — people with the right skills and competencies across all roles in the organisation.

The company therefore wanted to implement a solution that would automate a large proportion of the administrative tasks involved in the recruitment process, such as automating the posting of vacancies on appropriate job boards.

This would free up the HR team to concentrate on higher-value activities such as face-to-face interviews with candidates.

Setting the scene

The Aldes Group is present in over 100 countries around the world and employs some 1,400 people. It is the market leader in ventilation and indoor air quality, and the European leader in central vacuum systems. Founded in France in 1925 as a family business, Aldes develops, manufactures and sells systems for improving indoor air quality, thermal comfort and security for homes and service-sector buildings. The company specialises in air renewal techniques for hygiene and comfort and is active in five specific areas: ventilation, air cooling, smoke extraction, air-conditioning equipment and central vacuum systems.

Inspiring solutions

”Having evaluated around 15 options we chose Lumesse Talent Acquisition because it was flexible and practical and perfectly suited to our HR practices,“ recalls José Félix, the Aldes Group‘s Head of HR. The solution also had to be able to adapt to the size and geographic spread of the company. ”In addition, we wanted a hosted software-as-a-service solution that would not be demanding in terms of IT resources,“ explains Félix. Félix was impressed by the speed of the solution rollout: ”It all happened extremely quickly; within a week we had set up our recruitment website in French, and in less than three weeks we had an international site.“ The efficiency of the rollout was due to a number of factors: The expertise in global project deployments and its experienced project team, combined with the flexibility and simplicity of the solution itself. The robust, multilingual talent acquisition solution is available in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Easy to use and reliable, it simplifies recruitment management and makes many tasks straightforward: from posting vacancies on job boards to handling applications.

Fantastic outcomes

Aldes has seen a significant increase in traffic to its careers website and, therefore, in the number of people it hires. ”The solution is really pulling in the candidates,“ explains Félix. ”We now publish all our job vacancies and internships on our recruitment website. Traffic is growing steadily, partly due to how well it links to our chosen job boards.“ In addition, the solution‘s ease of use means that applying for a vacancy online takes only a few minutes. This is having a positive impact on the candidate experience and therefore on the Aldes employer brand.

For the HR team there are significant benefits too. Having an international database of applicants and being able to carry out rapid searches on all submitted documents means that recruiters can access the information they need at any time. ”We‘ve cut the time we spend on our back-office processes by almost 70%,“ notes Félix. The next step will be to promote job opportunities internally using the same solution.

Another important advantage of the solution is its ability to quickly produce useful reports on topics such as time to hire, number of CVs received per vacancy, or the effectiveness of an individual recruitment channel. ”This means we can, for example, evaluate the return on investment of attending different recruitment fairs. Based on the cost of attending an event and the number of target candidates, we can easily work out how profitable it has been, which helps us decide whether it‘s worth taking part next time.“

Rolling out the talent acquisition solution represents the first stage in developing a global talent management strategy at Aldes. Following the successful internal take-up of the talent acquisition solution, Aldes is now working on modernising its talent management processes. Bearing in mind its positive experience to date, the group has decided to implement Lumesse Talent Management. ”Given the power and flexibility of the talent acquisition solution, its low operating costs and how little maintenance it requires, we are convinced that this new collaboration with Lumesse will be a success.“ With the rollout of Lumesse Talent Management the Aldes Group will have a complete HR Information System (HRIS).