Digital Transformation and HCM Process Automation - Trending Topics for HR Tech London 2017

A perplexing paradox, for sure, but artificial intelligence (AI) empowers us to get more personal (or personalized) with customers, job candidates and members of our workforce than our best human attempts at engagement.

If you don’t’ believe it, return to one of the popular consumer and commercial apps you use such as Amazon, Facebook or Google, and witness how after a keyword search or the placement of an item in your shopping cart, your online experience becomes more targeted toward the types of products or services you were looking for.

AI and other innovative technologies and practices, such as digital business transformation, will be major themes at this year’s HR Tech London, March 21-22, at the ExCeL London convention centre.

Even the HR Tech London website has multiple chat bots, Shreya, Paige and others, who are either AIs or AI avatars representing real persons who might interact with us later. “Hello, welcome to HR Tech World!” they greet us. Because I’m interested in the agenda and the impressive lineup of speakers, I’ll ignore the human-to-machine interface for now, so I can get you geared up for the show, where Lumesse, an experienced talent management software provider, and show sponsors and organizers will have true, flesh and blood physical presence while taking part in the virtual theme topics.

Why Digital Business Transformation Is Critical

According to mainstage (aka keynote) speaker Sir Ken Robinson, an author and expert on education and creative innovation, the changing fortunes of the Fortune 500 tell us that no company has a guaranteed place at the top. To stay ahead of the competition, you must continue to innovate. In his presentation, Robinson will identify the three innovation myths that hold many organizations back, and the practices that drive competitive edge and success.

Next, if you’re serious about digital business transformation, you’ll probably want to attend thought leader Jason Averbook’s motivational session. The time for talk is over, and well-planned action today is paramount because the world of digital transformation is already upon us.

What if you were tapping only half the population or only half the members of your workforce toward this innovation? As the world becomes increasingly digitally and consumer driven, the dearth of women in technology is becoming a growing problem to most industries. “Reinventing the World Through Tech – Women in Tech Panel” explores the shortage of women in technology, how this is hampering innovation and what leading organizations are doing about it.

Make Digital Disruption Your Ally

As one might expect, HR Tech London 2017 also features an entire track focused exclusively on HR technology, with a generous dose of exploration into artificial intelligence in HR. A few sessions to pay attention to include:

  • “How Disruptive Technology Will Impact Your Organization,” by Francesco Gentiluomo, VP of HR at Alliander. Some forecasts predict that 50 percent of jobs will disappear in the coming decades due to automation. What can be automated, and what cannot? How should ethical issues be addressed? Gentiluomo will share how Alliander, a leading Dutch energy company with 7,500 employees, designed work for people to balance these dilemmas.
  • A panel sharing digital business transformation case studies and featuring Pearsons, a global education business, and Sainsbury's, one of the UK’s most established retailers.
  • A presentation from one of my favorites, Bersin by Deloitte, in which industry analyst Christa Degnan Manning discusses how new technologies are impacting HR service delivery, HR core and employee performance management. She’ll also discuss the import of leading-edge concepts such as analytics, design thinking and behavioral economics in transforming HR solutions and programs into hubs for delivering greater value to the business.

Is digital disruption a threat or opportunity? We at Lumesse believe it’s both depending on how willing you are to embrace digital business transformation to stay on pace with competition in your industry. This includes the race for the best talent and the retention of your best producers, innovators and leaders. If you are as interested as us in this topic, you may want to attend Ben Wharfe, future HR program director at EDF Energy as he shares his experiences in “Digital Disruption – Opportunity or Threat for Business and HR?”

And what good is all the hype over new technologies if the IT can’t deliver ROI such as satisfying user experiences, process efficiencies and productive business intelligence? For answers to this, you may want to attend Fosway Group CEO David Wilson’s session, “Transforming the Customer Experience of HR Technology.” Adobe’s transformation leader Caroline Porteous will speak on similar topic as part of Adobe’s digital transformation strategy which has resulted in greater efficiencies for it and its customers.

The show should be fantastic and we hope to see you there. Stop by and visit us at Stand Number 206, and be on the lookout for next week’s HR Tech London blog that will link to a free whitepaper titled, “AI and VR in the Talent Management Landscape.”