Brochure: All-in-One, Internal / External Talent Sourcing Software

The search for good talent can drain your time, energy and money and render poor results. Recruiters must search through vast networks of prospective candidates in an effort to match skills to job requirements and geographies. For multinational corporations, this search needs to not only be efficiently far and wide but functional enough to allow recruiters to narrow the field from millions of job seekers to a pool of feasible candidates from which to select the next talented professional or leader.

A new candidate search tool called Lumesse Source empowers recruiters to:

  • Get a consolidated view of their internal CV database and the free candidate data from external job and social media sites
  • Collect applicant information in response to posted jobs as well as mine their existing candidate database for skills from previous applicants that match the new jobs that come up
  • Exploit powerful cross-platform, multilingual search and matching capabilities that enable hiring teams to identify the most appropriate talent from their candidate sourcing channels
  • Save time and reduce frustration in your talent sourcing processes while finding the professionals your organization needs

Discover how talent sourcing software can complement applicant tracking systems such as Lumesse TalentLink and help to optimize your talent search efforts.