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Recruitment SEO and Visibility
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Substantial improvement in program experience for 1,000 new hires per year

The Challenge

For those wanting to work in the utilities sector npower is likely to feature on the dream list of brands to work for – but for anyone searching for job vacancies online the company’s careers site was harder to find and use than its competitors. Recruitment SEO (search engine optimisation) was a challenge for npower but played an important part of its wider talent management strategy.
npower has now extended its use of Lumesse TalentLink to improve the candidate experience.

The company worked with an external web development firm and Lumesse to fully optimise its new look careers site – By transforming its careers website npower has raised its online search ranking and enhanced its employer brand.

"By making the candidate experience better, it leaves people with a positive, long lasting impression of our brand. We’ve enjoyed a strong working relationship with Lumesse over the last four years. Giving candidates more interesting content that’s easier for them to find has sent more traffic to our site."

The Solution


npower started using Lumesse TalentLink back in 2008 but was only using the technology to store CVs online rather than taking advantage of its full functionality. Previously the company had relied on an external advertising agency to manage other aspects of its recruitment but made the decision to integrate its entire talent management onto one single platform. This was easy to do using the Lumesse TalentLink solution.

Creating a single talent acquisition platform has not only improved candidate engagement, it has given the resourcing team more control over the hiring processes, helped to monitor agency spend and ease any administrative burden. Benefits of the site’s overhaul were felt within the first four weeks, ensuring npower job vacancies appeared on the first two pages of Google
search listings.

The main driver for change was better visibility of potential recruits and control over agency spend and usage. npower employs 12,500 employees and makes 1,000 new hires each year for posts ranging from technical engineers to call centre staff. Not only did the company face high recruitment demands – the recruiting team was tasked with reducing agency spend by between 20 – 50 per cent within the first twelve months.

Social media success
Choosing Lumesse TalentLink for all its talent management needs enabled npower to substantially improve the candidate experience and the quality of new hires. The new look and feel of its careers portal means it’s easier for people to navigate the site, apply for jobs online and join npower’s talent community. An important part of the website development project was providing additional training for hiring managers on the new site and processes.

Adam Templeman, resourcing manager at RWE npower, explains, “We’ve made some big changes to our careers site, which has completely transformed the way we engage with candidates. The site now includes every new vacancy, staff videos and even recommends other positions the candidates might be interested in depending on what they’ve searched for. This level of personalisation helps our recruitment SEO and it makes the candidate experience better and leaves them with a positive, long lasting impression of our brand.”

As well as creating a more personalised experience for candidates, the website overhaul has significantly improved the career site’s searching rankings on Google. Previously if candidates were searching for ‘energy jobs’ online, the npower site or relevant vacancies would not appear on the listings.

Since the site has been redeveloped npower vacancies now feature on the first two pages of Google search. The time spent by visitors on the site has increased by 30 per cent and the number of page views has increased by 35 per cent in the first month. Templeman adds, “Giving candidates more interesting content that’s easier for them to find has sent more traffic to our site. It’s now easier for candidates to find and apply for jobs – this is extremely important when looking to recruit specialist engineering roles which can be hard to fill.”

By providing extensive training on the new system and processes the experience and efficiency of hiring managers has also improved throughout the project roll out.

When it comes to social media npower is already taking advantage of channels like Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to its career site. Templeman concludes: “Social media plays a key role in how we engage with our staff, candidates and customers. It gives our brand more exposure, and it allows us to reach a much wider audience and attract the many graduates who search for job opportunities online. We’re looking forward to building on this success and continuing to incorporate digital media within our wider talent management strategy.”

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