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SIAEC is a leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company.
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Implemented across 5,800 employees in Singapore

The Challenge

SIAEC was carrying out annual performance appraisals for its employees using a manual, paper-based process. To facilitate the assessment process, relevant performance-based information such as punctuality, attendance and sickness absence was extracted from the company‘s SAP system. This was provided on spreadsheets for the appraising managers‘ reference. Hard-copy evaluation forms were then completed by employees and their managers. Finally, the results were collated by the HR team.

The process was tedious and time consuming. From an administrative perspective, it was difficult to track the completion of the exercise considering the size of the workforce. SIAEC was keen to develop an online system that could consolidate all performance-related information into a user-friendly platform to facilitate quick and accurate performance assessments, and enable administrators to track and monitor the completion of the exercise.

The Solution

Setting the scene

SIAEC is a leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company. A subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, it offers total maintenance solutions to an expanding international client base, including more than 80 carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers. Its revenues for 2009/10 were S$1,006 million.

The company provides line maintenance services at Singapore Changi Airport to more than 50 international carriers, as well as airframe and component overhaul on some of the most advanced and widely used commercial aircraft in the world. It also has 24 ventures with original equipment manufacturers and strategic partners in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, Ireland, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Inspiring solutions

SIAEC chose a web-based solution to automate its performance management process. ”We selected Lumesse* Talent Management because it is easy to use,“ explains Grace Ong, Assistant Manager HR (Policies & Audits) at SIAEC. “Its user-friendly interface was a key deciding factor since this would make it easier for our staff to use the system.“

SIAEC ran a comprehensive training and communication programme. This will be extended to the rest of SIAEC staff ahead of a full transition to the solution. ”Because the solution is web-based, employees at all our locations will be able to access it easily,“ explains Ong. Rollout to the initial user group of over 4,000 non-executive-level engineers and technicians based in Singapore went very smoothly. As part of the rollout, Lumesse ensured integration between SIAEC‘s SAP system and the talent management solution to enable download of performance indicator data.

Ong and her colleagues were impressed with the helpfulness and responsiveness of the Lumesse developers. ”We get excellent service and support from Lumesse to help employees make the best use of the talent management solution and we have a good working relationship with them,“ she comments. Formerly StepStone Solutions

Customer insight

SIA Engineering Company

Fantastic outcomes

Lumesse Talent Management has enabled SIAEC to eliminate almost all the manual steps and paperwork from its performance management process. Employees and their managers now use self-service to enter evaluations directly into the system.

Moving to an online system has enabled SIAEC to extend the scope and range of performance indicators to better reflect the skills and competencies required today. Direct download of performance-related information from the SAP system reduces the level of subjectivity in the assessment process since quantitative data is used (where possible). This data is downloaded in real-time into the talent management solution where it is automatically combined with the evaluation data. This reduces the time it takes HR to collate information and consolidate results, in turn enabling faster, more efficient completion of appraisals.

Moving to an online system enables a faster and more accurate assessment of our employees’ performance. While the previous manual process was tedious and time-consuming, automation has resulted in a user-friendly process that gathers relevant information from different sources for more objective and timely assessments. It also provides greater visibility and control from an administrative perspective, and enables the generation of reports for analysis and management reporting purposes.

”Eliminating manual processes and paperwork has definitely accelerated the entire process. All performance-related information is available from a single source, whereas previously appraisers had to refer to multiple sources of information to derive a suitable performance assessment,“ confirms Ong. ”We can now create a more timely and comprehensive performance profile for each staff member. This helps us identify and meet training requirements and put appropriate career development plans in place,“ she explains.

”Having easy access to real-time data on indicators like sickness absence and punctuality means we can more easily identify and training and counselling.

SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) wanted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its performance management process. This would focus on reducing manual interventions and enhancing the accuracy and objectivity of performance assessments. SIAEC also wanted to be able to monitor the end-to-end process and generate reports for analysis.

Lumesse Talent Management provides SIAEC with an online performance management process. Integration with the company’s SAP system enables all performance-related information to be gathered into a user-friendly platform that facilitates quick, accurate and objective assessments. Dashboard tracking ensures better control of the performance management process and various reporting tools enable the generation of reports for analysis and management reporting purposes.

The solution has automated and accelerated the performance management process. Assessments are now based on a wider range of indicators for greater accuracy and SIAEC can now create timely, more comprehensive performance profiles. This helps the company identify and meet training requirements and establish appropriate career development plans.

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