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    Cost effective proven implementation strategies

To achieve the best from your HR strategy we will work with you to ensure the successful implementation of your chosen solution. Our tried and tested implementation methodology is there to support you, regardless of your organization’s size and budget.

Implementation tailored for you
We will identify, design and develop a talent managment solution tailor made to suit your HR function’s requirements.
Delivering quality service
Our consultants are trained to the highest standards and go through a certification programs ensuring the best results.
Successful adoption
Ensuring business adoption of the solution is critical. We’ll support you throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.

How we ensure your success

Our three approaches offer you flexibility depending on your business size and needs, ensuring you can implement the best approach for your organization. Whether you already have the resources to configure the solution internally, with minimal help from Lumesse, or if you need Lumesse to fully support you through the process and would like to take advantage of our experience and best practices, we have an approach for you.

This is our best practice approach for customers wishing to use Lumesse experts to guide and support them through implementing the solution. This approach offers flexibility depending on the level of support you require and ensures success within a fixed budget.
Ideal self
Perfect for smaller customers or those with well-defined processes and configuration experience, Ideal Self allows you to configure and launch the system internally using your own resources, with minimal support from Lumesse. This approach offers you the benefit of all the Lumesse solution features, whilst keeping set up costs to a minimum.
Ideal plus
Best suited to large, global or complex organizations that wish to maximize the benefits of having a Lumesse expert involved in the configuration process and gain best practice insights and guidance. This is the recommended approach for our Lumesse ETWeb solution, which offers complete flexibility and ease to implement exactly to your requirements.