• Lumesse CourseBuilder: e-learning authoring tools

    Create compelling and engaging e-learning courses

A next generation SaaS based, e-learning authoring tool with leading edge power and flexibility that enables in-house teams to co-operatively create, edit and share content.

The next generation in e-learning authoring tools

CourseBuilder has the agility and advantages of a SaaS solution (collaborative development, content sharing and reuse, centralized media library and powerful workflows to support virtual teams) and the power and flexibility of desktop authoring solutions (speed, advanced functionalities and ease of use).

Speed and Quality

Adaptive and interactive content is simple to create in CourseBuilder’s improved and modernized authoring environment. Our solution allows the rapid development of quality interactive e-learning courses.

Increase engagement in learning

CourseBuilder is HTML5-based and allows organizations to create high-quality, highly interactive e-learning courses using CourseBuilder’s cooperative features.

Take a closer look at Lumesse CourseBuilder

An easy-to-use design for nontechnical authors

The CourseBuilder e-learning authoring tool allows you to easily create highly interactive content by simple drag-and-drop operations using the intuitive WYSIWYG skin editor, page editor and flow view.

Complete control of processes

The comprehensive and configurable workflow gives you complete control and automatic documentation of review processes, allowing easy tracking and feedback from internal/external stakeholders.

Power of collaboration

CourseBuilder provides the power of collaborative development, easy content sharing and reuse, and a centralized media repository. In addition, the e-learning authoring tool’s workflow functionalities support virtual teams and provide easy, centralized management and control.

A community of learning experts

Learning experts and subject matter expert authors are brought together in the CourseBuilder community. The community is driven by engagement and interaction of community members, where customers and authors contribute any knowledge they have to help others, share ideas, share content and ask for advice.

"Lumesse is helping us continuously feed knowledge forward in all parts of the organisation. I don’t mean by using the traditional top-down approach controlled by HR, but a more engaging, involving approach where HR is an enabler, helping align the entire organisation to new stuff and drive business change."

Henrik R. Mortensen, Programme Manager

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