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Through our expert team and extensive network of content partners, we develop and create unique courses and training programs to help your workforce build their knowledge and skillset.

Award Winning E-Learning Content Created From Our 10 Years’ Experience
Bespoke learning content

At Lumesse our team of learning professionals develop and create unique courses and training programmes for your organisation. With over 10 years’ experience in creating award-winning bespoke e-learning for large private and public sector organisations worldwide, Lumesse has built a strong reputation in developing great bespoke content. Our content studio creates learning solutions, including e-learning courses, mobile learning, tests, simulations, games, digital communications and assessment tools, for all types of organisations.

Off the shelf learning content

We’ve built a comprehensive network of leading content providers to bring you the world’s best Off-the-Shelf e-learning content. These partnerships give you instant access to a comprehensive and compelling portfolio of content. With thousands of course titles and extensive insight, we can find the perfect solution for every training need. Our content providers deliver multilingual courses and job performance aids for all kinds of topics and skills, including common business areas such as finance and human resources, legal compliance, strategy, leadership, IT and desktop.

Collaborative development

Collaboration is vital when creating bespoke learning solutions to help map learning to business needs. We use a unique way of engaging stakeholders in the collaborative development of a course from the outset: Wireframing. Wireframing helps our clients to get a clear vision and outline of the programme and minimises the investment of their time.

With over 1,000 projects completed, we have an in-depth knowledge of how people learn best about topics covering everything from induction and sales & marketing, through to compliance, leadership and systems training.

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"The quality of what Lumesse has produced is excellent. We didn’t want a standard e-learning project. We needed something which would stand out and would engage the toughest of audiences – the marketing community. The Lumesse team has been great to work with as they have a mature attitude and a long-term vision. This has allowed us to get the best out of the project and is the reason I would continue to partner with them moving forward."

Mohsin Ghafoor - Head of Commercial Learning and Development - Vodafone Group

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