With Goodwords HR Application, Lumesse Tackles Recruiters’ Reference-Checking Challenges

SaaS-based online reference checking cuts time spent on ‘telephone-tag’ and low-value conversations

BERLIN, GERMANY, and LUTON, ENGLAND – September 12,  2016 – Lumesse, a leading international talent management software vendor, announced the August 1, 2016, acquisition of Goodwords online reference-checking technology.

Goodwords provides an app service that reduces the amount of time and wasted productivity recruiters spend tracking down references and importing that information into a spreadsheet or recruitment system. Using the software as a service (SaaS) app, HR professionals can request online references, follow up when necessary, and then get aggregated views of candidate scores in response to job-related questions, competency assessments, and overall reference strength.

Lumesse has immediate plans to offer Goodwords reference-checking functionality as a standalone module. Integration of Goodwords into the Lumesse talent acquisition suite is planned for the near term, and Lumesse Goodwords customers will also be able to integrate the module into other talent acquisition systems.

Takes the Pain out of Reference Checking

References are an integral, often-final part of the candidate selection process. Goodwords provides an easy-to-use online reference checking service that allows referrers to rate skills and competencies in a structured way. The application service is built around questions that measure a candidate against the job he or she applied to and his or her fit in the organization’s future. It eliminates the unrelated questions that lengthen the process and can get referrers and their companies into legal trouble. For the recruiting team, the Goodwords app efficiently brings a fuller view of the candidate, sparing these stakeholders from always having to chase down references via phone interviews. By removing these frustrating and time-consuming aspects, the Goodwords online app facilitates and optimizes a large portion of the reference process, also making it less contentious and guided in a way that keeps biases out.

A significant benefit is Goodwords’ ability to provide a more comprehensive view of the applicant or candidate that goes beyond the CV or resume.

Dr. Peter Wiedemann, head of Lumesse’s talent acquisition business, said, “This clever app makes the reference checking process easier and more intelligent for both the recruiter and the referrer. Lumesse is proud to be able to offer this nifty time-saver to HR organizations and our existing customers.”

The introduction of Goodwords to Lumesse’s talent management suite will enhance Lumesse applicant tracking systems (ATSs) such as TalentLink, TalentObjects and i-Grasp. The recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding gets even tighter as the time-intensive activity of reference checking gets faster, easier, and more data-driven and productive. Applicants will be equally pleased because they are no longer judged solely on the past or their past roles, but rather on their fit for the current job, Wiedemann added.

Recruiting teams can then use the tool to benchmark candidates going for the same job using a standardized set of questions integral to the job and the candidate’s fit at the company.

Dr. Dominik Matyka, a founding investor of Goodwords adds: “We’re convinced that Lumesse, acting as an established international HR technology provider, has the ability and innovation power to bring the reference-checking solution to a next level, making thousands of HR professionals finally benefit from scalable and technology-driven recruiting.”

About Goodwords

Goodwords provides HR and hiring managers with a highly automatized platform to quickly and easily conduct 360-degree reference-based assessments, giving them relevant insights and independent peer feedback on candidates or employees at scale. By fostering more informed and objective hiring decisions, Goodwords allows HR to reduce cost of hire and bad hires, using a state-of-the-art SaaS technology platform that can either run stand-alone or be integrated in ATSs and CRM systems.

About Lumesse

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