Product or service used: Learning Management Systems
Industry sector: Global Telecoms Provider
Country: Network partners in over 50 countries
Number of employees: 90 000

The Challenge

In 2012, Vodafone carried out an organizational review to ensure the business was fit for the future and in a stronger position to compete. This review highlighted that the global marketing function must play a more significant part in driving value, winning new customers and reducing churn. With 40% of spend being applied reinventing old campaign strategies and over 20 local markets with their own ways of working; the time had come to standardize the entire global marketing approach, enhance creativity and change the behavior of marketers to support customers. All of which is designed to drive future business growth.

The Solution

Vodafone’s immediate response was to put the customer at the heart of its marketing, re-invigorate all marketing teams and align everyone through the creation of the ‘Vodafone Way of Marketing’ marketing essentials programme.

The new programme brought big change – standardised procedures, a collaborative environment and fresh thinking – to bring the marketing community out of their silos and working creatively together to support business growth.

Lumesse was recruited to work alongside Oxford SM (Strategic Marketing) and together they provided a blended learning solution, made up of Lumesse e-learning solutions plus residential and face-to-face training elements delivered by Oxford SM.

"The quality of e-learning produced by Lumesse has been exceptional as it has transformed how we do marketing. Campaigns are fresher and teams are working more creatively and efficiently together – all of which has an impact on business growth." - Mohsin Ghafoor, Head of Commercial Learning and Development.

Lumesse worked closely with Vodafone to create impactful content and in a style which would engage and motivate the company’s marketing professionals, who were initially resistant to the changes. The result was three hours of training programmes, which were produced in three months and completed by over 90% of marketing professionals.

Simple navigation and new processes were put in place to enable all learners to access content, which was relevant to their specialism and to their experience. A humorous content style was delivered in multiple languages to ensure maximum engagement and video case studies of big brand campaigns were de-constructed to enable the learners to decipher good ideas from bad. All of the techniques were ultimately designed to prompt new ways of thinking and inspire the campaign builders to think creatively in a more unified way.

One of the first campaigns to launch post training was in Spain for the launch of the YU campaign designed to attract the youth market. By applying the ‘Vodafone Way of Marketing’ training, the Spanish team successfully reversed the rapid decline in share in the youth segment with over 10% increase in customers in the campaigns first six months.

In addition, a simplified ‘sign off’ procedure now means all campaigns are in market quicker. Campaigns that took six months to sign off with up to twelve iterations are now reduced to one iteration and a fraction of the time.

The e-learning was also designed so it could be edited and then implemented across local markets and still remain a bespoke piece of learning. Following initial success, Vodafone Enterprise also took on the project and saved £150,000 by not having to rebuild content.