White Paper: Motivating Gen Y: L&D in a digital landscape

Technological advances and cultural differences are fueling a disconnect between what Generation Y/Millennial employees expect in terms of workplace tools and processes and what an organization is accustomed to supporting. HR teams must harness the potential of the disruptive force that is Gen Y, close the disconnect that exists within the business, while also enabling employees to grow within the traditional culture and structure of it.

Learning and development ( L&D ) programs are a good place to start in the indoctrination, development and motivation of Gen Y, and in the cross-fertilization that occurs between this tech-savvy, innovative generation and your organization at large.

The following whitepaper provides guidance on how to:

  • Identify high performers in your growing and developing generation of talent
  • Engage Millennials in an open and honest dialogue about career and growth opportunities
  • Set a best-practice framework to involve line managers in Gen Y learning and development
  • Strike a balance between traditional ways of working (and training and development) and new-generation, consumer-driven, mobile and digital predilections



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