White Paper: Succession Management - Why is it such a priority?

Attracting top talent will always be important, but well-designed employee development and succession management processes can represent a more optimum and efficient method for developing and placing talent throughout your organization. Get succession planning and succession management right and you will see an efficient and effective transition from one manager to the next; get it wrong and you will have to resort to ad-hoc, urgent recruitment or placement of inadequately prepared managers into key positions. The net result is an increase in risk; an increase in costs associated with recruitment and potentially, and lost productivity.

In our whitepaper “Succession Management – Why is it such a priority?” you can discover how a carefully planned and effectively implemented succession planning helps your organization to:

  • Easily identify the specific skills – technical and professional – necessary to shape your organization’s future.
  • Pinpoint the aspirations of individual employees to help them achieve their goals and improve retention.
  • Protect the present strengths of your company and builds for its future.
  • Create flexible and sustainable talent management processes that reduce risk and optimize your organization’s needs.

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