7 Hot Topics to Check out at HRTech Las Vegas 2017

Fri 06 October 2017


It's conference season! Once again HR executives, vendors, investors, HR system managers, more vendors, industry influencers and other HR ecosystem participants will converge as part of the HR Technology Conference & Exposition’s yearly U.S. event, this time in Las Vegas, October 10-13. The show’s official themes vary from sessions on the all-important employee experience to “data,” digital HR transformation, data again, and talks of AI for recruiting, cloud this and cloud that. Many of these topics are interrelated and interdependent for HR professionals and other attending stakeholders.

Employee Experience

The employee experience is still king and/or queen in any healthy organization. Look out for the following sessions:

  • “Transforming your Candidate Experience: Attracting Talent and Engage Your Employees,” with Deenah Patel, Sr. Director of Recruitment Marketing & Channel Strategy, RBC.
  • “Mega Session: Building and Maintaining an Engaging Company Culture at Scale, with L. David Kingsley, Vice President, Employee Success, Salesforce.

Other titles on the employee experience topic include, “Connecting HR Technology, Analytics and Employee Experience Design,” with Ian O’Keefe, Managing Director of Workforce Analytics, JP Morgan Chase, and Camlin McGowan, VP, HR User Experience, American Express, and “Multi-Year Study Results Revealed: Surprising Drivers of the Employee Experience.”

Digital HR Transformation

HR Tech Las Vegas 2017 should offer plenty of discussion on the strategies and realities of digitally transforming your business, HR department, and critical workforce. In stride, enter conference rooms for:

  • “CHRO Spotlight: The State of HR Transformation and HR Technology.”
  • “Quantifying Financial Value of HR Transformation: Speaking C-Suite and Business Leaders’ Language.”

This transformation affects your relationship with freelance workers you employ as well. HR Tech Las Vegas 2017 offers a session on the Gig Economy titled “Leveraging the Freelance Marketplace to Harness a Global Talent Pool.”

Other digital business transformation sessions include:

  • “Mega Session: Digital Transformation in HR Is Today, Not Tomorrow!”
  • “Transforming HR in a New World of Work: 2017 HR Transformation Survey Findings,” with Mike DiClaudio, Principal, KPMG, LLP.

Then, Josh Bersin, Analyst, Bersin by Deloitte, gets final world about the show’s treatment of the digital transformation topic with “Closing Keynote: Digital HR: A New Architecture for Technology.”

Data, Data… What to Do With It?

Big data, data in the cloud… what do we really need to know?

Check out “The Real Economists of HR Technology: Using Big Data to Drive HR Decision-Making,” with Kyle Lagunas, Analyst, IDC, and others.

The show also provides a healthy curriculum for mid-size company interest. For example, “Interpreting Jobs Data as an Economic Indicator and Barometer for Small and Mid-Sized Business,” with Frank Fiorille, VP, Risk, Compliance, and Data Analytics, Paychex, Inc., and Jim Diffley, Senior Director, IHS Economics

The Cloud

Whether you’re a consumer, employee, or chief privacy officer at a multinational organization, you may be wondering about the huge cloud of data, much of it personal, hovering overhead or over other parts of the world. If so, you might take interest in “Cummins’ Approach to Integrated Talent Management in the Cloud,” with Fabio Fukuda, Director, Global HRIS & Business Intelligence, Cummins, Inc., and others. In addition, HR Tech Las Vegas 2017 offers a number of vendor-sponsored cloud hosting and compliance proposals.

The Business Value of Diversity

Also of multinational corporation concern might be:

  • “How to Manage a Geographically, Generationally, Culturally Diverse Workforce With HR Tech,” featuring Cheryl Johnson, CHRO, of Echo Global Logistics.
  • “Mega Session: The Business Value of Diversity & Inclusion and the Role of HR and HR Technology.”

GDPR: What Happens in Vegas…

Notably absent on the show’s agenda is any deep dive into looming data privacy compliance laws, in particular, privacy legislation out of the European Commission/European Union effective  May 25 2018, which will exacerbate the already difficult patchwork challenge multinationals face toward achieving privacy compliance in different world regions. If you stick around Friday, you might try “Culture vs Compliance: How to Maintain a People-First Culture While Complying With Labor Laws.”

Why Shows Are Great

HR Tech Las Vegas 2017 promises HR tech everywhere… Demos, AI, VR, try them gadgets out, and have a hors d'oeuvre while you make the rounds.

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While at HRTech, stop by Booth 1446 for a T-shirt and drop off your business card to be eligible to win a Gucci bag. Enjoy Las Vegas and catch up with friends and meet new ones! Lumesse, an international talent management leader, hopes to see you there and talk about your multinational talent acquisition and talent management needs.