HR Tech Las Vegas Explores How Talent Management Can Drive a Culture of Inclusion

Wed 11 October 2017

talent mgmt

The notion of fostering a culture of inclusion is growing. You see it in recent headlines and in some of the job ads you may have come across, for example, Google is now hiring positions with “inclusion” in the title.

The first day of HR Tech Las Vegas 2017 demonstrated a large focus on the topic of diverse, inclusive workforces, with much of that dedicated to the role of women in HR technology. Women are underrepresented on executive boards, in executive and senior management positions, and in IT roles across the globe. At an October 10th HR Tech Las Vegas session, a panel of women in HR technology explored the challenges women face in their daily careers, whether it’s getting hired, included in important meetings and projects, compensated fairly, or promoted.

Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of HCM Innovation at Ultimate Software, called the experience “the hustle,” where working women, many of whom have a family life to balance, were being challenged to demonstrate “how much do you really want it?,” with the “it” meaning the job and career success. Some of the women discussed how they were pressured to give up being a mother by having to work Sundays because their male bosses did, even if the woman had efficiently and qualitatively completed her work for the week.

The panel also discussed with the audience how women might challenge the establishment by proposing that badges of honor be awarded to people who work the smartest versus the longest, which drew applause from the crowd. Another potential cure toward the underrepresentation was through more gender-equal recruitment processes and performance metrics that put pressure on recruiters and hiring teams to include qualified women in the candidate list.

Why Women?

Hiring, nurturing, developing and promoting women can also make good business sense. A workforce, with a healthy, if not equal, percentage of women across the organizational structure (and this includes the boardroom) can lead to greater familiarity and intimacy with the consumer market, and a more diverse stream of ideas and innovation. In addition, having a diverse and discrimination-free work environment can help organizations to reduce employee turnover costs.

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