HR Tech World 2017: A Short-List of Things to Do Whilst in Amsterdam

Mon 23 October 2017

As leading industry tradeshows tour the world, we expect to hear some popular repeat numbers/songs. This is the case with HR Tech World, now playing in Amsterdam, October 24-27. Traveling shows and expos such as HR Tech World and HR Technology Conference & Exposition cover not only regional issues in HR technology but also global trends, so there is bound to be overlap between venues. One common connection between the Las Vegas and Amsterdam events seems to revolve around the topic of bots, robots and machine learning in HR. Other common trans-Atlantic threads relate to the crucial candidate experience and almighty brand.

More About Bots

HR Tech Las Vegas recorded interesting discussions of how bots can be used for strategic HR and recruitment value. On cue, the Amsterdam show will feature the following human-presented sessions on the role of bots in recruiting and people management.

  • “The Future of Machine Intelligence,” with Nick Bostrom, founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute.
  • “Is Augmented HR an Enabler for the Future of Work?” from Isabelle Minneci, Global HR VP, L'Oréal Professional Products Division.
  • “The End of Work as We Know It? (The Robots Are Coming to Get You),” from global economist Dr. Daniel Thorniley.

Erm, I wonder if we can and should we tax these automated workers? Oh, there it is. Don’t miss…

  • “Rise of the Machines: Who Will Pay Tax in the Future?” which might offer some insights toward the above question, thanks to Ex’tax Group co-founder and president Femke Groothuis, whose think-tank explores the choices between man and machine.
  • Bots may represent a key ingredient in successful HR transformation, so check out the bigger picture in digital and analytical HR evolution during “Transforming HR in a Digitalising World,” from Jorrit Van Der Togt, Executive Vice President of HR Strategy, Shell.

Why Are We Still Clamoring About Candidate Experience/Employee Engagement?

A sense of belonging and support… that’s what many of today’s candidates and employees are looking for throughout the phases of engagement, recruitment, development and next career steps. Addressing these people-centric expectations through both technological intelligence and human skills can unleash the full potential of talent toward partnering with your brand and collaborating toward organizational objectives. Drop in on:

  • “The Workplace Community - Releasing Human Potential and Engaging Employees,” from Matthew Hanwell, Project Lead, Global HR Systems, Fiskars.
  • “Game on: putting the fun back into recruitment and talent acquisition,” from Daiga Ergle, Senior VP of Human Resources, airBaltic.
  • “Mastering Talent Acquisition Transformation with Outstanding People and Partners,” from Dr. Sebastian Hubert, Global Head of Strategy and Technologies Talent Acquisition, at Siemens.

Attend these and other sessions, and visit Lumesse at Stand 403 at HR Tech World 2017. Also, join us for:

  • A recruitment analytics session, Oct. 24th, 11.45 a.m.
  • A case-study session with Damen Shipyards on Oct. 24th at 2:50 p.m.
  • A speedy applications competition.
  • Free Barista-class coffee from our stand, where a team of talent management and talent acquisition specialists is ready to listen and help.

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