Lumesse Named a Core Challenger in Fosway Integrated Talent Management Solutions Assessment

Tue 24 October 2017

If you get excited about performance, then you’ll understand our excitement about our improved position in independent global analyst firm Fosway Group’s 2017 multinational evaluation of the Integrated Performance Management market.

Fosway named Lumesse a Core Challenger in its latest 9-Grid™ for Integrated Talent Management. Vendors and solutions in this zone have demonstrated a “good track record of customer advocacy and an ability to (address) performance in enterprise organizations.” Core Challengers also demonstrate sustained support across a wide functional range.

The 9-Grid is an independent, five-dimensional market analysis that assesses a vendor’s potential, performance, presence, total cost of ownership, and future trajectory.

The 2017 Fosway 9-Grid on Integrated Talent Management also took into account capabilities such as HCM cloud and SaaS, integrated vs. siloed HR functions, implementation and innovation time frames, the user experience (including over mobile means), and continuous performance management.

Download the 9-Grid below to view the Solutions Providers.

Download the 9-Grid