The Power of A Strong Profile

Thu 28 September 2017

I recently had a friend come to me in need of some job searching advice. He has been working for the same company for over 9 years and recently learned he was being laid off at the end of this month due to a site closure. He was a valued employee and the company tried to keep him employed, but the only options available to him would have resulted in a cross-country move, which he is not open to.

Being employed the past 9 years by the same employer certainly has its advantages; however, when it comes to job searches and applications it does not. So much has changed in the realm of recruitment and recruiting technology since 2008. Needless to say I wasn’t surprised that my friend was struggling with where to even start looking for a new job.

When he came to me, my first question to him was, “Is your LinkedIn profile up to date?” This question seems simple enough to those of us in Recruitment or Human Resources, it’s almost a no brainer that our profiles would always be up to date and current. My friend on the other hand, looked at me with the blank stare of uncertainty, which told me he had no idea what I was talking about.

After a 20 minute conversation educating him about LinkedIn and how recruiters practically live on the site, I convinced him it was time to enter 2017 and create a profile. Over the next month we communicated back and forth as I made recommendations to help him to build his profile. I knew my friend had great experience and is an excellent candidates in his line of work, but how would prospective employers ever find him if he wasn’t putting his qualifications out there for others to see. Recruiting is no longer about relying on the right applicant to apply for a job, but recruiters actively seeking out candidates they are interested in.

My friend finished his profile on Monday of this week, and no sooner was it finished that he received a message from a prospective employer who was interested in speaking with him. Last night as I relaxed in front of the TV, my friend called to thank me for my help and let me know that he had interviewed with the prospective employer and was offered the position on the spot. It turns out that a Senior Executive at the company he interviewed with worked with him several years ago. When the recruiter saw that he was part of the Exec’s network he knew he had to call my friend. As it turned out, my friend was a perfect match for a position they had been trying to fill for a long time.

I wanted to share this story to remind all of us to keep your profile current. Even if you’re not looking for a job change today, you can never be sure when the next opportunity may present itself. With the way technology continues to advance, something as simple as a current, strong profile can help a recruiter to find you and match you to a job that may be a perfect fit.

Many technologies, including TalentLink recruitment software, developed by my company Lumesse, allow recruiters to source top talent from LinkedIn directly. The ability to source, “inMail” and import candidates from LinkedIn directly to our ATS is an amazing advancement that will help recruiters to find the right people for their organizations, while being able to track their efforts all in one location. I’ll be at the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference in Nashville, October 3rd through 5th, if you want to learn more from a recruiter’s perspective.