The SETEC Group Selects Lumesse for Talent Management and Recruitment

Fri 20 October 2017

The SETEC Group Selects Lumesse for Talent Management and Recruitment

PARIS, FRANCE, and DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – October 11, 2017 – The SETEC Group, a leading European company specializing in large multidisciplinary engineering and consulting projects, has chosen Lumesse and its ETWeb™ empower talent management suite to help it recruit new talent and manage its multinational workforce.

By partnering with Lumesse, SETEC is seeking to optimize the recruitment, development and mobilization of its talent to meet the growing demands of its customers and the fast-growing global construction market. SETEC will implement the ETWeb™ empower talent management suite for [DL1] the following talent management functions:

  • Core HR management activities, such as employee data administration, job reference programs, and organizational charts that help employees to navigate corporate structure.
  • The nurturing of employee growth opportunities via career management, succession planning, and the development of individual skills and qualifications.
  • Performance management programs such as employee interviews/professional reviews, performance plans, and ongoing assessments and dialogue.
  • Learning and development through the management of training catalogs that include blended learning offerings such as face-to-face and e-learning sessions.
  • Recruitment activities including the management of job offers, job publishing channels, candidates/candidate pools, hiring processes, and onboarding programs.

Lumesse modules for core HR, employee growth, performance management, learning and development, and recruitment will gradually be deployed on all of The SETEC Group's businesses and French and foreign subsidiaries, representing more than 3,000 employees.

Implementation of individual annual interviews will be the first project milestone. HR managers, managers and employees will get an ergonomic platform on which to conduct annual interviews in a transparent and efficient manner. From these interviews, employees will be able to express their wishes for mobility in relation to the availability of present and future jobs. Performance appraisals will also be possible in a transparent way and training actions specific to each candidate can be prescribed.

The SETEC Group chose Lumesse over other competing vendors based on Lumesse’s ability to mobilize its consulting teams on an implementation that spanned both SETEC’s recruitment and talent management needs. Less than three months were necessary to prove the suitability of the Lumesse solution toward meeting SETEC’s organizational and accessibility requirements.

About the SETEC Group

SETEC is one of the largest French companies specializing in large multidisciplinary engineering projects. Thanks to its recognized expertise, the SETEC Group has carried out major projects in France and abroad such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation, the Milau Viaduct, l’opéra de Pékin, the La Mancha tunnel, the T3 tramway the Île de France, the Coeur Défense towers, the Maurienne motorway and the Frejus tunnel, the high-speed Rhine-Rhone, East-European, Brittany-Pays-de-Loire, and Nîmes-Montpellier routes. SETEC has more than 3,000 employees in over 40 companies in France and internationally, and achieved revenue of € 253 million in 2015.

About Lumesse

Lumesse provides talent management solutions to over 1,500 companies and organizations; in more than 70 countries, enabling them to recruit and develop the best talent in a challenging global environment. With Lumesse's talent management solutions, companies are able to meet the challenge of new technologies and a disruptive economic environment while meeting their international and local needs.

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