Talent Acquisition on Afterburners

Tue 7 June 2016

In April, LinkedIn announced the inaugural members of its LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS) Preferred Partner Program, a group of leading ATS providers who have integrated with some of LinkedIn’s most widely used and impactful products. Lumesse is privileged to be one of that select group and help LinkedIn deliver on its vision of a streamlined talent acquisition process for recruiters and hiring managers.

But what does it mean to be selected?

First, it means that we share the LinkedIn vision of a highly streamlined, information-driven, human-centric recruiting process. It means that we commit to provide the most seamless application process possible for candidates, recruiters and companies that need to match the best talent to the right role. This integration means Talent Pools can easily be enriched with accurate, trusted information and that the interactions with the Talent in those pools will always be well-informed and relevant. And it means that Lumesse will put every professional within LinkedIn’s 400 million member network within easy reach of customers using our ATS and recruiting platform.

Second, it means we share a common belief that providing a seamless recruiting experience for hiring manager, recruiter and candidate is a global rather than local challenge. As a leading global provider of recruiting solutions we have a sharpened appreciation for the complexities of today’s recruitment process. For multinational organizations they are global challenges experienced one country at a time. The integration of our recruitment solutions with the LinkedIn products means we are bringing our unique ability to drive cross-region and around-the-world processes to the integration table.

And third, it means a sustained commitment both by Lumesse and LinkedIn to continually enrich our offering. LinkedIn is early in its development of the Talent Solutions Preferred Partner Program and there is huge value to be created both by them and us with continued evolution of the solutions that power it. This is only the beginning of a long and sustained effort to deliver on our objective of Insights-Driven Global Recruitment.

Through the coming weeks, we’ll be blogging about the specific capabilities we are enabling for LinkedIn members and Lumesse users. Stay tuned. Two agile groups have come together and you can expect evolution-----or maybe even revolution-----to happen quickly.