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How can you benefit from powerful job distribution?


Evolving distribution channels
Constant additions of new channels as they become available, removing the need for any manual additions.

More candidates viewing your roles
Whether you’re looking for high volumes of applications or the right person for a niche role, easily identify where your ideal candidate is searching and make sure your roles are there to be seen

See which channels are providing the results you want
Use intelligent real-time analytics and reports to identify which distribution channels are delivering results, so you can focus your time and effort on the areas that matter

Rapid integration
With activation possible almost immediately, there is no delay when it comes to getting up and running and sourcing new candidates

Accessible 24/7, from anywhere
100% cloud-based and backed up with 24 hour support, ensuring you have access to new candidates whenever and wherever you need it



Lumesse Distribute

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Ready to start maximizing your Recruitment Spend? Contact Us

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