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Our innovative applicant tracking system (ATS) will put the right tool in your Recruiter's hands wherever and whenever you recruit. We offer simple to use, captivating and streamlined workflows to help you create and manage your high quality candidate pipeline.

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Lumesse Recruit


Lumesse Recruit is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite.  In addition to simple job creation, an optimized candidate experience, and time savings, Lumesse Recruit provides:

• System flexibility – Hiring team members can immediately drill down to the most relevant and qualified pool of candidates via screening questions that filter applications, improving the quality of candidates and decreasing time to hire.

• Candidate benchmarking – Your hiring team can further narrow, benchmark and determine best candidates. The app provides analysis and scoring tools that guide you through recruitment results and inform future decisions.

• Talent community management – Among your applicants are those talented individuals you didn’t have a job for today, but might want tomorrow. Harness the interest you’ve generated in your company and brand in your next generation of talent.

• Ease of use – Infused with the best traits of consumerification and applification, the Lumesse Recruit user interface is familiar and easy for applicants and HR professionals to use.

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