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Signs it might be time to formalise your RPO model

Keep up with the competition

Whether you offer an outsourcing element to your clients or not, this is becoming an increasingly popular model for agencies. As organisations become more familiar with this type of agency relationship, they may be keen to have outsourcing as an option from their chosen agency.

Increasing candidate expectations

The shift of power from organisation to candidate means that candidate expectations cannot be ignored. Organisations will increasingly be looking for partners who can engage their potential candidates and strategise long-term rather than simple role filling.

Candidates prefer to communicate with their potential employer

Agencies will continue to play an important role in recruitment, but the changing behaviour of candidates and the rise of the digital natives means that candidates expect to be able to liaise directly with their potential employer to get a feel for culture and values. As a result organisations are more likely to bring integrated outsourcing into their acquisition model.

What's the future for Outsourced Recruitment

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