Talent Acquisition for RPO

Talent Acquisition for RPO

Global Technology Solutions to support any RPO/MSP Model

Your dedicated technology partner

Lumesse is the market leader within the RPO industry for talent acquisition technology and consultancy; delivering the most functionally rich and flexible multi-client Talent Acquisition Platform in the market. Our clients choose us for the knowledge of our RPO consultancy team, the speed and agility of deployments and how we help our clients meet the most complex, bespoke recruitment processes for multiple clients all within one solution. 

Discover how our technology supports all outsourced recruitment models

Our Technology

Our technology is your technology. RPO by Lumesse offers organisations a single Talent Acquisition Platform to manage multiple clients and projects within one integrated solution. With a dedicated roadmap that consistently innovates to meet changing recruiter demands, you can be confident that your technology model will always be ahead of the competition.

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Our Partnerships

At Lumesse Partnerships matter and form the core of everything we do for you and your clients.  We work with you to drive new business, effectively support your existing clients and consistently work with you to innovate your technology offering.  Our approach to partnering is a journey of engagement, onboarding, enablement and support throughout the lifetime of our partnership. 

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Evolve your outsourcing offering

Many agencies build rights of 'exclusivity' into their client’s contracts. This is closer to an RPO model than it seems. Are you an agency that has aspirations of building an RPO/MSP model? Then we have the technology to take you there.

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What is the future for Outsourced Recruitment?

The world of Outsourced Recruitment is changing. No longer just a field for the global elite – we are now seeing an evolution in the outsourced offerings of traditional local and regional agencies to meet project and permanent demand. Discover the reasons for this change and much more with from our experts in this eBook.